Monday, July 7, 2008


kitten cowers back into a corner of her cage.
as far from the open door as she can go.
the door was flung wide open.
the door is open. the chain is gone.
the chain that bound her collar to the metal bars is gone.
the collar's gone.
the door stands wide and the cat door to the lonely world beyond
beckons her on.

she was set free.
no bars prevent her flight
he said to go.
but a metal band surrounds her
heart, tighter than his hand had ever
pressed against her throat.
she just can't go.
there is no order strong enough
to shatter bondage of the heart
and so she cowers, small and sad,
praying that someday he’ll come back home.


k said...

I still feel that way.

Z said...

Sending you love and kisses and hugs

nash said...

much love.

oatmeal girl said...

k - in some ways, with this one man, i expect i always will. there was something so special...

z - thanks, sweetie. i do feel hugged.

nash - hey, that touched me. really.

and to all of you - the comments really do help me feel not quite so alone. still the issue of the spanking, however...

mamacrow said...

ok, sending you a virtual spanking..