Monday, July 14, 2008

hi from the armchair in the corner

i've been hanging out at FetLife.

the idea had seemed really weird to me, especially as i have no previous experience with this internet social networking business. but now it feels like a huge cocktail party. normally i hate cocktail parties, or any large gathering where i don't know people. ok, i'm not all that fond of large gatherings at all. but since this is virtual, i don't feel as lost...

and then slowly i've started finding people i know, and there's something nice about standing in a corner with drinks in our hands and talking about this and that.

i think it will be a good place to keep warm my sense of submission during the long, slow summer of silence.

do stop by and say hello.


Anonymous said...

so glad to hear you are enjoying fetlife. I love it too.

xoxox mina

k said...

I hadn't heard about fetlife before, might be something I'll need to look into.

I've been trying to find an outlet and a place I can be myself.