Tuesday, July 8, 2008

speak to me of spanking

how does it feel
when your palm smacks against a defenseless female ass?
how does it feel
as you contemplate a woman kneeling submissive at your feet?
how does it feel
when you see her bound and gagged
and you raise your belt to strike her for the 20th time?
how does it feel
as the welts from your cane spread down her ass and thighs
in perfect parallel lines?

make me understand
and i'll remember
how it feels
to slip into subspace
and come through the fire
cleansed and bruised and free.

[i'd truly love to receive real answers to this little piece, especially from people, male or female, who think of themselves as sadists. you can e-mail me if you wish, and if i actually receive thoughtful replies i'll publish them as a post, without attribution or with whatever attribution you wish. thank you. i'm always trying to get inside the head of the other half of the equation.]


Shon Richards said...

I feel like a shark. Higher brain functions cease and I move on mechanical instinct towards the willing ass. I go into a frenzy at the first sound of a scream.

Paul said...

Oatmeal Girl,
It is exhilarating to be spanking the one that you love.
Knowing that this is what she wants, taking her to her limits, knowing that this excites her as it does you.
Her pleasure is pleasing me, mine is knowing that under the tears, the struggles, the cries she is orgasming.
There is also much satisfaction in helping her grow, she is her masochist to my sadist.
Warm hugs,

nash said...

I am of no value in this conversation, having precisely zero experience.

Then again, it makes me want to try, so that I'll at least know.

Deity said...

How does it feel and how it used to feel are different. When i first smacked a girl's ass with the designs of disciplining her/putting her in her place i was uncertain of how either i or her would react. That made things shaky but also instinctual. Excitement. Disbelief. Ecstasy.

Now, as i take my girl over my knee, or position her standing at the end of the bed, there is a familiarity and a comfort in this place. I've been here many times before, and i can see the progress that a regular and routine spanking creates.

Anonymous said...

My feelings, both physical and emotional, while spanking my submissive can be best be described as sublime.

Once she is ceremoniously positioned....collared, legs spread, ass out, back arched... my mind becomes focuses exclusively on the task at hand. The rest of the world gets tuned out.

With the sound of my belt coming out of its loops, my heart rate slows down and my breathing becomes deep and easy. The more frightened and apprehensive she becomes, the more calm and in control I feel. Her Yin is my Yang.

With the crack of each purposeful strike across her bottom, with each plea for mercy, with every cry in pain, endorphin gets released from my brain into my blood stream.

She has freely given herself over to me...no force, no coersion, just pure subjection....it is the highest compliment.

Regards Oatmeal Girl,


Anonymous said...

Wow... I loved reading the comments to this one. What a great question to ask, OG.

I have spanked, and flogged... but only as an experience, at request. How did it feel? It hurt my hand. And I wanted to be the one being spanked. :)